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  1. I'm thinking of using on the new Intel GPUs. Will this cause any problems with this cheese?
  2. Tarkov. It plays like Call of Duty with infinite stam and no sway.
  3. Shitting on wannabe pros is the best.
  4. When I am solo, I farm lighthouse. It has provided the highest hourly payout for me personally. (Make sure you have the key set) When I'm playing with friends, we farm labs. I was fortunate enough to get the entire key set early. It easy to clear the map if you have a group and you can loot the entire map uncontested. It comes down to making quick runs. If you can get your runs on any map to around 10 minutes getting everything valuable on the map you can make like 70+ mil a day no problem depending on your daily playtime.
  5. The cheat is undetected so the features are safe to use. Like everyone above me has already said, you just need to be on the lookout for manuals. Its very easy for other players to see if you are cheating especially if they are experienced and you are using all of the options. The unlimited stam and no sway are dead giveaways. You will be panting but still moving at full speed all the time and no sway needs no explanation. I played with some legit friends and they noticed fairly quickly. None of this matters since its undetected though. Just use your brain.
  6. Ciel

    Tarkov Review

    Glad to see you are also enjoying it. Yeah, I see what you mean. Lighthouse in particular gets kinda cramped with all the rogues and early player scav spawns. My solution has been to turn down the player radius by a bit. It takes some getting used to but it helps keep the screen less cluttered. I would love to see more customization options in the future but if I can keep raging the way I have been with no ban I'll continue being happy.
  7. Features: 7/10 Security: 10/10 Design: 9/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Final Score: 9/10 I purchased hackmachine for Tarkov when I first purchased the game about 3 months ago. I have reached the end of my current subscription with zero bans. I aimlocked almost every single kill and used it to farm massive amounts of currency. When it comes to security, there are no flaws. I am also a user of the R6 cheat and I have had the same experience. When it comes to features, this cheat has almost everything you could ask for. The aim bot, infinite stamina, and no sway will provide a fun and eventful experience. The only thing hack machine is missing, that I have seen from other providers, is the ability to have a custom filter. This would be extremely helpful because you will notice very quickly how your screen can become flooded with loot indicators even with higher filtering. There is also sometimes a longer than usual wait for prices to be updated but once you learn the game you will be able to maintain a mental note of the prices. The design is the same as the R6 product and there are no glaring problems there. This comes down to personal preference. Overall, I have found the experience to have been worth the money. I was able to farm a few hundred mil and complete almost all of the task needed for Kappa within a month of wipe. I will be renewing my subscription later in the wipe and I would recommend this cheat to anyone who is considering it.
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