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  1. Thank you for the heads-up, the post has been removed but since its not the first one I dont expect it to be the last. (Dont fall for that stuff please)
  2. You want us to do discounts because we got detected and 1 message later youre accusing us of lowering the price somehow allready knowing that its going to be detected soon..? You sir, are an idiot, a poor one.
  3. No, the game doesnt even have a release date yet afaik
  4. Silence

    EFT Review

    fair review, ty ty
  5. You can add this to our suggestion page in the DayZ Forum and we'll have Admon have a look at it ^^
  6. Silence

    DayZ Review

    Thanks for tha review brotha
  7. The Cycle uses Battleye. Until now The Cycle only bans account and IP. They dont let BE HWID Ban afaik.
  8. PayPal is supported.
  9. Your card MUST be 3dsecure, if it isnt use cryptos or paypal to purchase.
  10. 1. Your first application was faked. 2. As you have been told we will not accept a piece of paper as ID. 3. Just because somebody else was able to do it doesnt mean you can do it too. Lastly, because of 1. you will never be able to verify with us anyways. Goodbye.
  11. https://hackmachine.cc/forums/forum/25-applications/
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