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  1. ETH would be nice, I usually have to trade my currencies to bitcoin to pay would be nice to not have to pay the fees!
  2. A good way to tell if its a boss is one very expensive person with 3-4 people around him, aswell as their is a filter for keycards. I usally disable all the others and set max range and check each place before I leave incase I missed something. Takes a little longer but it works! Glad you enjoy it!
  3. Only need the 1, it runs in the background of your pc. But its still very safe!
  4. Yes you can stream with it, i have used it to freak people out
  5. bladefeb5

    EFT Review

    Love this cheat so much For cheats that are most of the time always up and working and you can count on to keep working (no crashing, no bluescreens) I have never used a better one. You can pretty much rage or play legit with this cheat at the same time, no matter what your preferance of playstyle you have is this cheat will work for you. Aim is on point about 90% of the time, the only time its not great is when they are far away and moving. There is not prediction or great compensation but if you just run no recoil you can spray them from 400m away. Esp is always working, item esp is always working plus it shows whats inside containers (bags, safes, ect) Also Inf stamina so you can run with heavy loads! Give the cheat a 10/10 for legit running probably a 8/10 if you want to rage (No door unlocker or fly or speed) Still a really fun time to use and I cannot recommend it enough
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