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  1. Currently having a blast on tarkov, friends of mine are getting into dayz so I feel like becoming a menace over there!
  2. So I purchased a week of Tarkov cheats ( Which were amazing btw ) but now that its time to renew Id like to buy a month instead of a week, but when I go to renew the month option seems to have disappeared. is the month option gone or does tarkov only get renewed by the week?
  3. AsherBasher

    EFT Review

    I’ve never reviewed anything in my life but this cheat is just insanely good. So fun to use and having the time of my life without blatantly making it obvious I’m cheating lol. Hopefully I won’t get banned cause after my week is up I’m seriously considering splurging on the month of cheats. Having a great time over here doming chads
  4. So I got the cheat to work on EFT the only issue I’m having is everything seems to be offset ( like the squares around the players are Miles off from the players ) I’m pretty sure it’s the steam overlay cause it trips out completely when I’m playing the game. So are there specific settings I need enabled or disabled in steam?
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