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Community Answers

  1. Gilbo


    You should be able to join here https://hackmachine.cc/discord/invite/HackMachine/
  2. If you're talking about your application, it's locked and and no longer viewable once your application has been accepted.
  3. https://hackmachine.cc/support/
  4. Create a ticket https://hackmachine.cc/support/
  5. You can choose to get verified or not, it's really up to you. If you cannot provide the information which is required to fill out our application format you are unable to use our service. -- The reason why we have the strict application process is to help us keep safe. We just need to see the following you can blur out the rest. Your full name, picture, date of birth and the date of expiration need to be visible on your ID/passport/driver’s license. You are allowed to hide everything else.
  6. Gilbo


    Unfortunately I am unable to process any applications as I am not a Moderator. I am not really able to tell you when they speed up the applications though. Hopefully it shouldn't be too long
  7. Gilbo


    You need to be verified
  8. Next time, you need to create a ticket -> https://hackmachine.cc/support/
  9. Gilbo

    hello world!

    You're very welcome!
  10. Gilbo

    Tarkov Review

    We really appreciate the review!
  11. Gilbo


    Some of our Staff members are gone for Thanksgiving, and the process takes a little longer than usual. I am unable to give you an estimate, my apologies.
  12. Gilbo

    hello world!

    Once your application has been approved, you will be able to join the Discord server. Sometimes application processes takes a little while.
  13. As you said yourself; We do make some exceptions. If you go ahead and create an application, you will be notified whether or not you are able to be verified
  14. You can blur out addresses and social security number.
  15. Just updating my answer regarding 22h2.
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