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  1. Thank you for the review, glad to know we can help.
  2. yes if you play on borderless, sometimes it can and will show the 100% for sure method to not show any cheats is to stream an obs window using game capture
  3. any government official id.
  4. i stole it muahahaha
  5. yes you'll need to apply in order to use any of our products
  6. we dont have any resellers, @Shiesty and i to take any payment that isnt listed on the site
  7. the reason should be stated in the denial message if not you simply were rejected.
  8. for raid 0 you need 2 of the exact same hard drives, ssds, m.2 doesnt matter and same storage size
  9. we really only do games with battleeye anti cheat and i believe darktide is easy anti cheat and we havent done games with eac for a few years so not likely
  10. enz


    Ive used other public rage/closet cheats before and all the accounts ive used those cheats on are now banned so major props to the dev for such an undetectable cheat 10/10 for that. esp isnt the worst it serves its purpose well enough for easy games imo, not a huge fan of the aimbot but i dont need it to get kills anyway its still a great feature if you tune it enough. 10/10 overall and i recommend it over all other public cheats.
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