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With this product, DayZ is no survival anymore


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As soon as I saw hackmachine/rangemachine selling DayZ cheats, I knew I was at the right place... been lurking UC for some snippets for years, and seen alot of his activity in the dayz subsection, so I knew I couldn't go wrong. So I applied yesterday, and got approved today and couldn't wait to get the product. I transfered the btc to the wallet and I was set within ~30 minutes.

*for anyone who is going to buy by bitcoin, make sure you don't do it from a exchange, since the withdrawal might get delayed, and you're transaction most probably won't be received within 30 minutes timeframe*

Installation: 10/10, Just run the loader, enter your key, and you are set.

Cheat itself: I've only tested the visual features and they are perfect, with a lot of customization/filtering. Only small issue I came across is the cheat menu itself. If you bring the menu up, your cursor is not locked to the menu, I had to click escape and then open the menu and select the checkboxes.

Thanks for the quick service, and I'll be having a blast these 30 days, and most probably more.


The Real Giraffe

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