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After a Year Review (EFT)

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I just want to throw another shoutout to the Staff, they have been very responsive when it comes to support, and I couldn't be more pleased. Also, the quality of 'boosts' is awesome and have easily fulfilled my needs.

I have now been using HM for over a year and have not been banned (knock on wood). I have noticed a lot of people complain about the product. Some must not realize that we do not live in a perfect world and there will never be perfect 'boosts'. Everyone is always asking for more more more, guys they are 'boosts', be happy with what you got. There is no doubt in my mind that HM 'boosts' do exactly what they need to do. Understand that if you want more, more usually means issues staying away from bans. I can only imagine the effort that goes into these products.

But what I can say is that HM is CONSISTENT. The product is consistent, the safety is consistent and the staff is consistent. Even if HM was to get caught, I would easily go back to it, because this has definitely been the longest run I've gone on with a great product. All other 'boosts' I tried have been shot down. 

Good luck to everyone and thank you again to the Staff for the great product!

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