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Need asistance with HWID

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Hello, so my favorite game is DAYZ which my PC is hwid banned, i tryid everything hwid spoofing, reinstalling windows with paid "permanenent" "temp" spoofers nothing works... I buy new account getting banned within couple hours...

So my PC pretty old at this point so i say fuck it ill build new one, sell this old one which is hwid banned but i wanna keep the GPU, Monitor, mouse, keyboard.
Everything else is changed for newer...
Will it still detect as banned hwid and ban me again if i have only gpu with monitor and mouse ?
reply would be highly appreciated im losing hope to play this game again...

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No it will not. Are you getting game dev bans on steam or server bans? DayZ uses BattlEye and only HWID bans for disk serials. So make sure you're just using complete different drives (including USB drives, ext hdds etc) and don't leave them plugged in. Easiest way to get around is doing RAID0 (google how to do it, requires 2 drives) most BIOS/motherboards support it. I wouldn't recommend a spoofer most are copy and paste shit, few good ones out there. RAID0 basically makes your drive serials unreadable for BattlEye to HWID ban you.

Only other way admins can track you by manually banning is IP address, IP range, and steam accounts. So you'll need a fresh unlinked steam account, and maybe use a residential VPN. Depenidng on your ISP you probably get a new one depending if it's static or dynamic and how good they are at leasing new ones to you. 

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