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Need Help - Ban Prevention

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Hello, I'm a newbie to this stuff... Basically I have been doing some research on stuff to help prevent me getting banned for cheating with this websites R6 cheats. The best result was RAID0, but that requires 2 of the same storage device, I have a laptop with one 1tb nvme SSD so I can't use RAID0.  Any advice? 


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Doing RAID0, doesn't prevent you from getting banned. It only prevents you from being HWID banned from BE on R6 which are given out randomly if you've been banned by BE. Some laptops don't let you do RAID0, depending on the motherboard manufacturer. You would need to either to get a new drive, or get a spoofer. 

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you dont need a spoofer if you use hm you will only get cheating bans if it gets dtc you will be hwid banned but if it is ud you dont need a spoofer its dtc for a long time and spoofer is just a money waste if it gets dtc some day just do a raid 0 for 60$ if you use a spoofer all the time you cheat you just waste your money

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