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Review for Tarkov!


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First of all

I´ve been using it now for 2 days straight and i think i can get a really good overview about the features, pros and cons. If, i dont think that this will happen, but if my Opinion will change, i will post an Update after the full Week.

Overlay & Design


The Design of the Menu is really simple, it hasnt much of useless Information or any disturbing or distracting things on it. You know exactly where your needed Option is and get to it really fast. I also like the Fact that you dont need your keyboard at all to change Values and Options. You have to simply Left Click it to (de)activate it or increase the Value and Right Click it to decrease the Value. No weird Keykombinations needed.



  • The Features are all in all working well.
  • For the Players ESP, it rarely happens, that the Circle of the Head isnt exactly there, where it should be but its always a couple centimeters off so it hasnt much of an Impact to it. You have will have different colorschemes  for PMC´s, Player-Scavs, NPC-Scavs and Teammates, You can choose what Informations you want to see, such as Healthbars, Weapons or Items theyre holding at the Moment, Distance and Names. Especially the Names are a really good Option to avoid or act different when you are engaging Streamers.
  • The No Recoil and No Sway Features are working perfectly and you wont miss a single Shot. 
  • The Aimbot is always accurate and the smoothing is perfectly balanced.
  • Infinite Stamina will start to Stop your Stamina loss at 50% and works also perfectly.
  • Item ESP
    • The Item ESP is a difficult Feature. It does work really well, dont get me wrong but it has potential for Improvment. You have many Options for Filtering, but can´t do your own filters to search for exact Items. That is one thing i would like to see in the Feature. 
    • You will also have displayed the Worth of the Item. I like this Feature really, because i dont play EFT long enough to know every Price for every Item, but it´s not always correct. Yes, it will give you a Clue if its worth the Item to take it with you, but some Items are far away from accurate. I mean how can Crutons cost 800k? A cap is Worth 400k? I dont know if this is just a joke or just a misinput in coding, in both way its funny xD



I didnt experienced much Errors or things that didnt work, but if i got a Bug or a Crash or something and i asked for help, there was nearly instantly there for you to help you. You have an General Chat where you can ask for help in common Topics and one Channel just for Tarkov, or the Game you need help with, and ask for Gamespecific Help. So you dont pay only for seeing through walls, you will also get a large enough Community to get all your Problems done.



Now, the Security is the most Important Feature of HackMachine and i think there is nearly nobody out there who provides a safer Cheese than HM does. I met people in the Community, which got many Months of literally abusing the Cheat as hard as they can, but nothing happens. This is because you have limited Access, so not everybody can use HM, You have an ID-Verification, what can sound a bit weird,  to give random People your personal Data. But you can deface the very sensible Data on your ID, so its really safe and with that even if somebody wants  to do bad stuff with it, he simply cant do anything with it. "BuT tHeY hAvE a PiCtUrE oF mE" yeah yeah, doesnt care. Your Phone Manufacturer or at least Meta or Google has your deepest secret Pictures safed on the Servers so dont Act so innocent lmao. Put on a good Smile, brush your Teeth and try to write properly and everything will be good.


The only thing what should changed is, that it gets Streamproof. Especially in Tarkov its common to Livestream your Game to your Teammates, but you cant trust HM in that way, because it can show up on your Screen, even if you only Stream your Game, doesnt matter if its Fullscreen or Borderless.



So, is this Cheese worth its Price? Well it depends on you. Do you just want to Spray through walls for a couple of Hours and do not care if you get banned? If the answer is yes, HM is probably not the right Choice for you. But if you value safety for a very long time, stay as long undetected as possible and want Fun for a long time, you definitely should try HM.

Yes it has a some potential for more or better Features like Loot through Walls (what i wish the most for the future) or the Option to activate Skeleton ESP and glowing if you have line of Sight to the enemy but if the Focus is on Security and you can cut corners in features, its alright. I like HM and hope it will get some Feature update soon, as long as safety is not compromised. Please make it Streamproof! 😞

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Thanks for the review. It's possible to make it stream-proof using OBS and disabling capture 3rd party overlays. You can screen share to your friends using OBS window screen projector and share the audio using a virtual audio cable like with voice meter. I might make a tutorial on it later. 

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