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You can choose to get verified or not, it's really up to you.

If you cannot provide the information which is required to fill out our application format you are unable to use our service.


The reason why we have the strict application process is to help us keep safe.

We just need to see the following you can blur out the rest. 

Your full name, picture, date of birth and the date of expiration need to be visible on your ID/passport/driver’s license. You are allowed to hide everything else.

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5 hours ago, Drlolicon said:

That’s understandable, I will try to get it done when I get home from work, can I get some insight what’s gonna happen to the data after the verification?

Only administrators have access to your application. If you decide in the future you don't want to keep using our service you can request your account/data to be deleted from our servers. As explained by Gilbo, we require ID verification to keep our software safe from competitors, ban evaders, and software reverse engineer attempts. 

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