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Sorry if my English isn't perfect, but this cheat really deserves a positive review from everyone! I waited a full month before writing it, and I have to say it's been a great month with their products. Let's start with the aspect that I consider the main one. The security of my pc, with many other providers there has always been talk of backdoors and viruses, of user information released publicly etc. HackMachine makes me feel safe, thanks to its professionalism, its excellent community, for the first time I was not afraid to use a cheat on my pc. The second point is the stability of the cheat, zero, and I repeat zero blue screens or game crashes, everything worked perfectly from day one. Third point, the actual cheat. Perfect esp, no lag and very smooth, the aimbot with the right settings looks really legit, it's also perfect for rage-cheating. Well what to say, the price is more than fair, as I feel safe, I know I have a constantly updated quality cheat! In addition, the staff is very helpful and nice. Glad I discovered HackMachine!

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