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First off I would like to say that the most important thing with this tool is staying undetected which this one seems to be amazing at, I have never ever been detected whilst playing with this tool & it keeps you safe. You can climb extremely easy whilst closet cheesing & it looks super legit if configured correctly.



The aimbot is 10/10, you can configure it to your liking whether that may be semi-rage aimbot or legit looking aimbot either way its simple and very effective and does the job for what you need it to do. Perfect!


Visual Features

As it pretty much says player ESP, its very effective if you know how to use it correctly and aren't staring people down through walls etc then it can be extremely helpful and gives you information you wouldn't usually have.


Overall I would 100% recommend this cheese, if you're wanting to climb high whilst avoiding bans as this does just that!

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