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Advice for a bit of a beginner

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Hello to the community,

Some obvious newbie questions no doubt but we all start somewhere. 

I understand what the actual product does in terms of the UI / settings, how it displays in game and is used, but I am more uncertain regarding the Raid0 and spoofer aspects.

1. Does the EFT cheese come with a spoofer 'built it' or as part of the purchase. Reading around other websites and forum posts indicates that people have paid for cheats and got a HWID spoofer as part of it.

2. If there is no spoofer from HM is there a recommended one that works with HM software / or is currently undetected and fairly priced?

3. In my case my OS win10 is installed on my 250GB SSD in my M2 slot and EFT is currently on that too. I have one other 2TB SATA HDD for everything else. If I was detected and I got a HWID ban would that just apply to the SSD? So I reinstall my game (new account) onto the HDD and I could use that?

4. With the current setup in my PC mentioned above Raid0 does not seem possible unless I get a new larger M2 SSD (watched a video in another post to a guy doing bootable Raid0) and then I would need to re-install my windows from the installation media I have on USB. Or have I missed a trick here and I can use the SATA HDD to achieve the same Raid0? My MB is the ROG Strix X470 I gaming so I don't have spare M2 slots to create a Raid0 and just put EFT there but I could wipe the HDD and put EFT on that.

As said these are new things to me so please excuse no doubt dumb questions. Ultimately I am moving overseas in the near future and cant take my PC with me nor do I believe I can play my Europe region purchased EFT game there anyway? So I trying to up my knowledge before I likely spend my final week here playing the game with a week access from HM. It does occur to me to say well if you can't take the PC then who cares but as already said there is knowledge I can gain here for the future and my next PC.

Thanks all

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1 hour ago, IstAuchEgal said:

Afaik a hwid ban applies to ALL drives, so you would have to change both. This means you either have to buy another m2 ssd or one of equal size and raid0 them, same with the hdd

I thought so - on my MB the M2 is really not easily accessible and there is only one anyway - I don't have a second PCI express slot to put in a card like the video posted in another thread. so I guess my options are limited unless I want to put in more SATA HDDs to raid0. perhaps a spoofer is a better short term option

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