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DayZ Review


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Ease of Use

The software was very easy to install. You just install the executable file, run it and voila. It doesn't prompt you to install dependencies (at least from my experience) or ask you to set up a second patched boot for Windows. It works perfectly fine for Windows 11.

Visuals and UI

UI is extremely easy to navigate through. Arrow keys are used to navigate through the UI. I just wish there was a way to change the bind to open the UI. Visuals work just fine, I enabled everything and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Even on community servers with custom AI and items it displays everything perfectly fine.

Murder Mode

I am sure this works as intended but I don't think I'll ever use it due to safety reasons. 


The cheat doesn't affect my performance at all. I didn't see a single drop in FPS, it's phenomenal.

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