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Dayz Review

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Been using dayz cheese for 1 month now 

7.5/10 - The ESP is good sometimes items close together stack and its hard to see


3.5/10 - The aimbot is not good. If your looking down scopes it dosnt want to activate, If there are 2 or more people stacked nearby it will instantly kill all not just the one making you get banned. The way the aimbot works is weird it can shoot through mountains trees. Also you shoot someone and hear the gun shot then 3 seconds later they drop. My recomendation only use tappers or snipers with the aimbot or you will mostlikly get banned. 


4/10 - Esp sorting. The (other) option has to much stuff in it like keycards keys, And a bunch of other shit making it hard to see the good stuff.


  2/10 - Security, bunch of rats in the discord, hide the server your playing or you will likely get banned.





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On 7/5/2022 at 12:55 AM, TitanF1ash said:

The aimbot is not good.

Thats why its called murder mode and not aimbot.  

On 7/5/2022 at 12:55 AM, TitanF1ash said:

2/10 - Security

Sad but anyone can report you knowing where you playing thats true and nothing really possible to do. Talking about security we put maximum effort to keep cheat undetected. Community bans is out of our authority.


Thanks for review 🙂 

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