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Escape From Tarkov Review


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I have around 20 days played and 300 hours using this cheat and here is my honest opinion.


Aimbot 7/10

The aimbot is very good. It works best when the enemy is not moving, so it makes sniping a breeze. Within about 100 meters you can hit a moving target pretty easily with an AR or SMG. Anything passed that you should wait til they run out of stamina or just lead them like regular.

ESP 10/10


The ESP is heavily customizable. You can set distance to 1000 meters and have it so that items worth 100k+ appear rather than junk. Same thing with scavs, player scavs, and players. I typically use Distance, head circles, and names so I can see how much a PMC's kit is worth.



Dont be a bot and just go to town every raid with loot and PMC kills. You can get reported and try to avoid killing TTV's in a super sus way. 


Overall I'd give this cheat a 9/10 considering I haven't been detected and have tons of fun.



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