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Tarkov Review.


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Hey just wanted to give a little non biased review on this beautiful cheat so here we go.


UI-Overlay 9.5/10: Simplistic, Easy to learn and use. More features for personal customization would be cool but that's just cosmetic.

ESP 8/10: ESP functionality is as good as it can get, There is some flickering, and I've noticed when I tab out and tab back in it takes a second for the game to reload the Overlay again but its not a personal issue for me, The Exfil ESP was an absolute life saver considering I was a new player that didn't quite know every map, EXFIL ESP saved me and taught me almost every map in the game, Absolutely perfect. Now my only "Problem's" I have is that the screen can get cluttered very easily. It would also be awesome to be able to single out specific items (GPUs, Intel, Military batteries, ASEA etc..) I also think the ability to mark specific task spots on the map would be awesome, Including ones that aren't just pickup tasks. The ability to customize ESP color for items and players would be a nice feature. But these are all my personal opinions, The basic functionality of the ESP works perfect and I have no issues with it.

Aimbot ?/10: I haven't used the Aimbot because I don't feel a need for it.

Misc 10/10: Here is where this cheat shines for me, No recoil, No sway, Inf stamina, and Hide visors. I could not count how many times I was pinned and just switched on No Recoil to help me out of a sticky situation, Absolute life saver. Infinite Stamina Has saved my ass on multiple occasions, and if needed, I can just run around and loot all the GPU's and high end items and extract as soon as possible, Absolute God-Send of a feature. Hide Visor is extremely useful if your visor gets shattered mid fire fight, just run to a corner and turn on Hide Visor, Problem fixed. No Sway is self explanatory but its EXTREMELY powerful if your natural aim is already good, Easy 180 1 taps.

Overall 9/10: My experience with this cheat has been nothing but beautiful. I would easily recommend it to anybody interested in getting into the market of EFT cheeses. I have no actual complaints for the cheat itself, I'd like to give massive props to the Dev for making such an amazing cheat and keeping this gem undetected for so long, Honestly a modern day legend.

----------Extra Information----------

Just for a reference I made my account a little over 30 days ago, I have 10 million in the stash and have never got a cheat accusation.

I have 300 hours clocked and I'm higher 20's in level, I also have BTC farm aswell.

I've also never experienced any crashing or performance issues whatsoever.

Well that's my review, Good luck to all and remember, Don't be too obvious now 😉


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