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Tarkov Review

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  • Features: 6/10
  • Security:  9/10
  • Design: 7/10
  • Enjoyment: 9/10
  • Final Score: 8/10


           Ive been using the cheese for about a week now and feel that it has great security but lacks on the features that other reputable cheese makers have. The design is nice but i have a 4k monitor and everything is scaled super small so i wish their was more support for 4k monitors. Also the colors for some of the items are werid and its hard to see items  if their are multiple scavs or players bunched up in one area but other then that it nice.  Ive enjoyed the cheese allot even if their arent all the features the securtiy trumps all that stuff.

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Glad to see you are also enjoying it.

Yeah, I see what you mean. Lighthouse in particular gets kinda cramped with all the rogues and early player scav spawns. My solution has been to turn down the player radius by a bit. It takes some getting used to but it helps keep the screen less cluttered.

I would love to see more customization options in the future but if I can keep raging the way I have been with no ban I'll continue being happy.

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you can also customize your player distance setting if you don't want them to bee seen in within 500 range because that is how it's set on default i keep it at 200 then i start making reaction to either fight that player or ignore it. 

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