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Will Paypal ever return?





I have tried purchasing cheese with two different cards:


First card would appear to be processing, a white box would pop up but then disappear without displaying any information and then a notification would pop up that the payment was declined. I suspected my bank flagged the transaction as fraud. I called my bank and asked if they received any transactions that were declined. They stated they have not received any transactions. They were unable to help. I suspect this occurred because the card I used is not 3DSecure compatible. 


Second card I used would process like the first, but the white box popped up and asked where I would like a code sent. I chose my phone and received a text message with a 6-digit code that was required for the transaction. I entered the code and it appeared to be processing. I was then redirected to this website, and it stated, "Invalid Account". Although this card processed different from the first, I also suspect it's because it's not compatible with 3DSecure. 


Crypto is not an option for me. 


Reading other forum posts, it appears PayPal was, at one time, an option. Is there an ETA of when PayPal will return so that I can use my cards?

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