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Spoofer regarding the loader and Arma 3 cheat




I would like to buy the Arma 3 cheat in the next few days but as I am HWD ID ban on my PC I use a spoofer made by a friend.

As far as I know, its seems that the loader lock your HWD ID and will block you if it sees a different one. 

Usually you have to spoof your PC before loading any cheats. (Thats the first thing I do when I start my computer)

I know you might launch it after injecting the cheat but my spoofer does permanent change for cleaners (everything deleted stays deleted), bios, volumes and also registry/computer name and the mac adress. 

What can I do in order to avoid being block by the loader everytime my HWD ID is changing ? (look like this question is asked a lot by poeple who got blocked by the loader)

Would appreciate any input from the admin !

Kind regards, McFly Wilder

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Spoof after loading loading cheat, then start game.
We can reset you all the time if needed but keep in mind that these take time that wont be compensated.

Ghostgang forever.


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