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Anyone here uses DayZ?





Still looking at the DayZ hack and on the verge of buying it. Im still wondering why they need my full details with ID? Seems a bit loose to give away my entire identity to someone online. I’m sure there is a reason for it? 


does anyone here use it? If so, what is your experience with it? Have you been banned? 

I know there is always a chance of ban when cheating. However, I’m only looking to use the ESP on community servers. I won’t be running right at people and aim hacking them or anything like that. Just to see who is around me and probably move away from players/see who is running at me.


let me know your experience! 

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Been using it on community servers with esp only no-problem and on officials you can run whatever noone cares or can do anything against it.
Other than that theres plenty of reviews that may give you a view into it a bit more.

Ghostgang forever.


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