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EFT and You and Me

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Hi guys,

In a string of terrible luck I got hit by a drunk driver last week and broke my leg, so I've decided to buy a month of cheats and just grind EFT while I'm stuck at home. Looking forward to writing a comprehensive review once I get my account approved, and hopefully leave some good feedback for the devs and community.

A quick question about streaming your game on discord while cheating, since my compatriots have vowed to game with me to help pass the time. Is it possible to turn overlays off entirely and just have some mild aim assist, or does game capture not work at all? Looking forward to contributing here on the forum, even if it does seem a little quiet. 


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You can make cheat invisilbe on discord or you can disable all visuals at all (so anything in cheat will be drawn on your display) and use aim only.

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