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EFT Honest Review: Pretty Good

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If you're looking for a cheat that isn't too rage like, this is for you. Some other cheats I used to use had things like fly hacks, speed cheats and other things, and eventually I would get manualed due to me being very blatant and obvious at times. 


ESP: Very good clear text, filter is simple but it does its job. If you're looking for a cheat where you can filter out certain items or build a item filter prest, this isn't it. Player ESP and Scav ESP is good, only thing is Raiders, Sektants, Rogues and Bosses will all appear as a scav. Currently the only way to tell is if they have a high value on them.

If the Devs could change that, I assure you it would be much better. There is also no level, KD, or HS ratio ESP for players, nor is their bones. So if you go up against another cheater in an HVH situation, you might be fucked if you're playing legit. There is also no option to change the colors although it is not necessary as I think the color choices are really pretty and clear at all times. There is also Exfil ESP,  and Grenade ESP.

Score: 7.5

Aimbot: Works good, first EFT cheat I've used that has had smoothing options. There is no silent aim so if you're looking to 360 no scope people without even looking, you will not be able to. It does its job, there is no prediction and if the Devs add in prediction it would be even better. There is an FOV slider for the Aimbot so in all honesty you could max it out to whatever the limit is set to and be blatant if needed. There is a circle for this (it is red, no way to change the color) that shows how big your FOV is and where your placement needs to be for the Aimbot to lock on within that FOV. There are currently only two bones to choose from and that is chest and head.

Score: 8.5

Memory Options: Great memory options, there are currently only three, infinite stamina, no recoil, and no sway. They work perfectly and do the job that they are intended to do.

Score: 10.0

Performance: Great performance, the only issue you might have is if you want to use TAA instead of FXAA which FXAA is not all that bad in all honesty. Using TAA will make slightly jittery but it's not much of an issue and is only a visual anomaly.

Overall Score: 30/40 

The cheat is great, does its job and if you're looking for a semi legit cheat, I can in fact recommend Hack Machine 🙂


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