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Questions about the Arma Cheat


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  • Player and Vehicle ESP
  • Silent Aim (Kills Anyone in FOV Circle) - You can also enable a feature that stops it Silent Aiming people through solid objects - Can also select target area (Head/Chest)

This cheat is perfect for legit cheating as it does not have many features but has one of the cleanest ESPs on the market. Of course if you are going to use Silent Aim this is much harder to make look legit so I would be careful using that especially on knowledgeable players who will know if that has been used against them.

When using Silent Aim I would recommend using a small value for the ESP and have a low-ish range on the Silent Aim as well otherwise you will be killing people across the map.

Personally I only used ESP and it was perfect, its not to hard to make it look legit as I have now been using cheats for about 4 months now and maybe been called out like twice. 

If you are going to be using Silent Aim I believe the best way to use it would to be shooting from far distance (700-1000 meters) and before toggling the Silent Aim you should shoot towards them missing a few shots then toggle the Silent Aim. Take with what I have just said with a pinch of salt as I am not quite sure but its what I have seen and been told

Have Fun Fragging,

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A note on the silent aim, when shooting from a distance you will need to wait a moment before pressing the buttin to activate it. This is because if you press the button as you're shooting it will appear that you shot them from 0m in the kill feed (If the server has it) which can look very blatant and will quickly get you banned if used on big KOTH servers, I learnt that the hard way but now I know. Have fun 🙂

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