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Escape from tarkov - Honest review


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The visuals is everything you can ask for from HM, it displays things very clearly like prices on the items and names. Very easy to see and understand, quite few filters and options you can make. It's very outstanding from other providers.


Very accurate both in close range and long range, it does deliver precise shots. I wouldn't really use it if ur streaming with friends or anything sharing related, it would give away that ur cheating. Otherwise its completly fine when playing alone. Aimbot has ability to customize to your liking, including (fov, smoothness, keys).


The perfomance is just amazing, of course there would be some fps drop but we are looking at 1-2% of your total. Never experience crashes or bugs. It will give you a smooth gameplay for sure without any major down sides.

Misc / Bonus

One of the best feature for sure is (No recoil & No sway). Not only does it gives you a big advantage but also helps you stay fairly legit when playing with others. For me this is one of the greatest feature, also we cannot forget infinite stamina which is a crazy feature for escaping fights or getting to points.



VISUALS: 10/10

AIMBOT: 8/10


MISC: 10/10



This is a honest review from an user, hopefully im able to test other products from HM later in the future. Much love from Sefuo





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