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Escape From Tarkov Product Review


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After using this product for a few days I have to say it's very reliable and fun to use. Here's my experience with the Escape From Tarkov product so far, it'll probably make an updated review after a month.

Stability: 10/10  I've had zero problems with this product when it comes to stability. There's been no crashes, FPS drops or stutters and for this reason it definitely stands out compared to other providers I've used in the past.

Aimbot: 9/10 Aimbot works very well it's only missed a few times from long distances but definitely still reliable.

ESP : 9/10 The ESP works awesome with various options but if I had any recommendation it would be to add color changing options for grouped items, players etc.

Extra Features: 10/10 Every extra feature added such as inf stam etc has work perfectly fine without problem. 

Security: 10/10 So far I've been semi raging without any bans, as long as it stays that way I will definitely be recommending this product to others as well as using it as my primary EFT cheat.

Overall this product is a clear winner in my book for EFT semi raging / legit, hopefully this cheat can continue to be undetected for much more time to come. I'll be making some content on this product sometime next month as it's well worth the promotion. 

Thanks for the product.


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