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Honest review for TARKOV


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I was first thinking, where should I even start. I used my main account in tarkov. I was LVL 15, and now I am 29 pre-wipe. In two weeks, I gained half the level and went from 500k to 15mill in rubbles, bruh, and I have been enjoying this cheese so far. I'm glad I bought this


Aimbot: 8/10


Aimbot does the job when your CQB and midrange, but when it is too far out of 150-meter range, you can't predict where the enemy is according to ESP VISUAL. But so far, I enjoyed it cause I don't care about raging hard and killing the lobby to have it for yourself.

I prefer to use it when you are in close contact, not far range, because it makes it obvious, which is annoying pre-firing is like the first sign for instant dummy reports. Still, the battle eye doesn't care when I kill people so far cause I made most of my fights legit; it is even harder to tell if i'm using my cheese. Losing drops of blood and body parts, battleye think you're legitimate. I mean, this is with my own personal experience so far.


ESP: 9/10

In my view, it is perfect for item search. I'd give this a 10/10 because when you need something for the quest, you can find it easily using ESP visual it does the job well for you giving you information (extractions spots and item filter/quest, etc.). My experience has been great using these features, and I immensely enjoyed it. Another part is I like between players and SCAVS players. It will show you the loot value and tell you the difference between them, which one has more or less. But I would like to see a change in SCAVS is that should keep the difference between AI-SCAVS and SCAVS-Raiders/Bosses. Because in labs, you know it's only raiders, but in other maps, it is hard to tell sometimes if that is a SCAVS or a raider until you get close to a specific meter range to identify he's a raider or SCAV. I GIVE this a 9/10. If you add a different color option for the SCAV-RAIDERS/BOSSES, then I'd give this 10/10


Misc: 10/10


In my personal experience, I enjoyed using  Infinite stamina, no recoil, grenade detection, and no spread. It already gives you a massive advantage in a game. All of them work flawlessly and go well with the aimbot. The grenade is one of the best features to understand when an enemy throws a nade to identify where it landed because sometimes you won't know where the nade fell off. Not many features were added for the misc sections but the essentials for security, which is fine. I can understand that for security reasons.

Security is top-notch, hasn't been detected for a month so far, and I haven't had any issues raging and fighting against streamers.

If you're looking to buy a Tarkov cheese hack machine, got you covered with the best hacks and top security. I'd recommend you BUY!!!! BUY!!! BUY!!! BUY!!!

I'd recommend buying a monthly subscription over a weekly one because you'd save more!

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On 12/10/2021 at 10:41 PM, aggo said:

Nice review, defiantly will check it out when it wipes.

Absolutely, give it a try now; still undetected. I have been leveling up faster and avoiding players without any fears. if i counter them then i end up killing them. Otherwise I am going back to my quest and playing like a legit. 

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