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honest review of dayz after 1 week of using.


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First of all im glad i found hackmachine because their cheat are insane! At the first i was sceptic cause its look so good to be true. I got verified and invited to discord. I saw couple customers with dayz status so i dmed them if its true and the cheat works. (everyone approved its not scam and best cheat in market). Okay i bought it for one week to try it. I got it instantly and instructions was easy and clear af!
SETUP 10/10: 
download and run. Easiest setup of the cheat, just run loader, login, reboot pc(if needed) inject and start cheating.

ESP 10/10:

highly customizable esp of players, items, animals, zombies everything!

AIMBOT 10/10:
aimbot same as esp, customizable fov, distance and you can bind aimbot(silent aim) to the chest or head! I found if you bind it to wheelmouse(miss click) you will get blue screen.

i wasnt play with silent aim cause i didnt want to be suspicious or something cause admins know me. Last day i tried aimbot and its insane!

OVERALL 10/10!
i tried couple of cheats for the dayz but hackmachine won the first place! best cheat ever i used. so many options, customizable, no fps drops, working on modded servers as esp with custom items etc.. for sure i will come back as customer for dayz soon! 

(sorry for my bad english)

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