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1 Month Tarkov Review


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Sheeesh where do I even start, went from new to Tarkov to a 6 mil stash in a week 😩

Aimbot: 7/10

Aimbot does the job but has no prediction making it pretty useless at far range/sniping but does it job perfectly in CQB and midrange. No vischeck either so I have to prefire a lot which makes it obvious, but I rage so I don't really care but for legit players it can be pretty annoying. Some sights/guns aim are slightly off (ASh-12 for example, head aim is roughly chest/stomach level) but it doesn't affect me much since meta guns with iron sights are dead on.

ESP: 9/10

Almost perfect, if it had an item search/vischeck I'd give it a 10/10 but it does the job great and has every info you need (exfil spots/item filter/quest) etc, can be somewhat buggy sometimes but my experience with it has been perfect so far. Differentiate between both player and bot scavs, and it shows kit value on enemies which is really good for hunting nicely kitted players/bosses.

Misc: 10/10

Literally all you need. Infinite stamina, no recoil and no spread. Already gives you a massive advantage in a game like Tarkov. All of them works flawlessly and goes really well with the aimbot. Not many features but the bare essentials for security which I'm completely fine with.

Security is top-notch, haven't been detected for 6+ months now iirc, and I haven't gotten any issues raging hard and killing streamers. 100% recommended if you are looking for a good Tarkov chair if you can afford it😤

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