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Arma 3 cheat review


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Good Points:

ESP has a very good quality and feel to it giving you customizable options as well as for vehicles and can go up to 1.5km.

Murder mode works and any bullet that has been fired and hit the ground won't teleport to the head, only bullets that are still flying will teleport, (looks legit).

You can adjust the size of the circle and the range, so it will only work within a certain distance and size of circle.

I feel safe to use this cheat and have been using it undetected, i can record my game since it is stream proof.

Bad Points:

Murder mode teleports all kinds of objects to the head as well as bullets, they are only client-side so only you can see them.

Vehicle ESP doesn't show passengers.

In conclusion you get good value for money, being only £50 per month, in my opinion a good deal for customizable esp and murder mode.

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