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Subject Introduce yourself

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To bring this community more alive, introducing yourself might be a good start. Feel free to write anything about your person that you want, for example:



Country you live in:China

Favorite food:Pizza  ice cream 



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Gmorning all!

Name: Luke

Age: 22

Country: US

Favorite food: FOOD (but seriously I like indian food a lot)

Hobbies: Really love hiking with my dog, hanging with friends, tarkov, anime, music, and learning new stuff.

Here's a picture of my doggo20210720_184133.thumb.jpg.c6370973098d2eabcd5157cefa87954a.jpg

Not sure why it's sideways. Sorry about that >>

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Hey all, hows it going!



Country you live in:England

Favorite food:Peri Peri, Indian, honestly as long as my food doesn't have onions i'll probably love it!

Outside of gaming i love sports, i play alot of football and i enjoy watching basketball though i've never been too good at it

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