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DayZ SA Review October 2020


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Been using this cheat for a full 2 days now and everything has worked perfectly. No crashes, freezes... nothing.


ESP: 10/10 Shows absolutely everything you want it too with choices too turn them off or change the distance.

MurderMode: 10/10 This thing is insane, I was skeptical at first because I had no clue what it actually was, but turns out its basically soft aimbot/magic bullet I suppose xD.



Definitely recommend getting, I notice a lot of people are skeptical about the ban percentage etc... At this point of time from what I can see this cheat is undetected globally by BattleEye but do take note, you are not invincible to the admins of a server. they can still spectate you and ban you from there server if you are being blatant. Thanks again to the staff team for a wonderful cheat ❤️ 

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