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Couldn't find a section for reviews so im putting it here 😉


ESP - 10/10

The ESP is great and very customisable and lets you select between the loot and distance! The ESP Text itself is very clear to read and looks amazing


Murder Mode - 10/10

This is a solid feature which can make you own all them trihard's. It's pretty powerful and i haven't had any bad experiences so far with it.


Security - 9/10

I personally have used this cheat for months on just one account, and i haven't ever received a ban. I was aware a bit back that range had to update some things, and recently released a huge update which  deems this cheat fully safe to use, and here i am, on the same account, no ban! Great job.


Support - 10000/10

@RangeMachine Will ALWAYS reply on discord, whether it's about general life or a chat about something random, or maybe an issue with the cheat, he will reply very quickly and if you have an issue, he will help fix within a matter of minutes. 


This cheat is a must buy, and will be my main DayZ hack as simply, there isnt any better.




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