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DayZ Standalone Review


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Aimbot / MurderMode: The aimbot is a big 10/10. Head and Chest aimkey options, FOV display and FOV changer, Completely customizable aimkey choice, (ESC for aimkey, F12 for aimkey, whatever you want), bullets literally teleport to your area of choice on selected target so to die with these cheats to another player is almost impossible. Overall the aimbot is great, there is no lock on, you just hit your key once an enemy is in your FOV and you can shoot them through walls, buildings, moving vehicles, even the map.

Visuals: Once again very well made, the visuals are a solid 9/10 for me. Options for every item in the game, even "Unknown" which displays items that don't fall into any other ESP catagories (which tends to be a lot of dank guns and loot on modded servers). Item ESP range of up to 150m, any more is not needed as it just clutters your screen. The text of each different category of items (Bandage [Medical], (AK47) [Weapons]) is different colored so it is easy to distinguish items in areas where there is large quantity's of loot. Vehicle ESP of up to 1000m which is great to find a vehicle quick if you need one. Corpse ESP up to 1000m which makes it easy to scavenge for loot or find your kills body. Weapon, Name, Distance, Box and Skeleton (my favorite), options for the player ESP (which is also 1000m max). The only reason visuals is not 10/10 for me is because there is no Animal ESP and no option to change the color of ESP boxes or texts.

Security & Stability: So far I'll have to say 10/10 for this category. As soon as I downloaded the loader (I have cheated in the past so my PC was somewhat ready to use it), I ran it with no issues whatsoever, presented with a nice clean GUI from where I selected my cheat subscription and it loaded very quickly with no errors at all. A previous site that I will not disclose who's DayZ cheats I used before HackMachine's, we're super impactful on my CPU resources for some reason and was constantly crashing my game and blue screening my PC. I think my game may have crashed 2-3 times total now with HackMachine's, and I'm pretty sure it was because my server reset that I was playing on. I have over 200 hours of gameplay while cheating now and still no ban. Was even admin banned on my usual server because I was recorded shooting a kid and his buddy inside their base through two walls and still managed to talk myself out and get unbanned.

Overall I give HackMachine's DayZ cheat a solid 10/10 👍. Very satisfied with the product. Only wish there was a lifetime option. Would post a video but DayZ takes down any videos of people cheating on their game and I wanna remain anonymous on my server.

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