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I am Rocksmash, a frequent "eh fuckit" cheater who goes half send, by only using ESP and other elements to gain a significant advantage, without aimbot or murder mode. I would first like to say Hackmachine is the ultimate cheating service. Although, it may have been detected a few times in the past, the owner is constantly working to make cheats undetectable and safe for us to use. He's absolutely insane at what he does! 

This site provides cheats that I rate 10/10 I've cheated and used many scripts in many games and by FAR... Hackmachine is one of the cleanest of them all! It's so cheap too!!

With all of that being said, to access such tremendous cheats, you must pay with bitcoin. The easiest way around this is to use the Resellers, Farhead, and Synotic.

I have purchased from both of these resellers multiple times and I talked to both pretty heavily before transaction was made. Both, are extremely friendly, fast, and effective resellers that know what they're doing.

First off - I'd like to talk about Farhead. He's a great dude who will answer your questions without hesitation. He's got a simple paypal payment that is made by sending him money directly. It's easy and he'll put the money on your account after the transaction was confirmed. From experience, Farhead is far quicker, and more active than the other. Although, you must pay a 3 dollar payment fee that is extra ontop of the cheat you're paying for. I have no issue paying it since he added the money SO FAST! I only deducted one point from Farhead's rating because his payment method could be a bit better.

Farheads overall rating is 9/10

Secondly - I'll talk about Synotic. Synotic is a super friendly guy who also is willing and able to answer any questions you may have. Synotic, like many of us, has a life. I'm not sure what he does but it's obvious to me he has other things going on. He usually takes a bit longer to reply than the other reseller, but his payment method through his site is extremely clean and easy to use. You submit a payment, add a note saying your discord and account name and he'll send you the money on your account after the payment was processed. Synotic, only has one point taken from his rating due to overall reply time and activeness.

Synotic's overall rating is 9/10

I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong thread I didn't know where else to post it!

Thanks so much for reading my review. I can vouch for this site and the resellers they have. This community is great and I hope my review helps you make the right decision to use Hackmachine over anyone else!



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