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Dayz SA | Review


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Hey there,

i just wanted to give a small review to the Dayz SA hack because i really loved play n with it and currently the hack is maintenance.



Setup of the software | 9.5/10 Points

The software of Hack-machine is really simple to use, hardware reset & product activation are idiot save!

Not much to say else to the loader, it worked without issues for me loading/preparing time for hack injection are quiet fast.

Last but not least only thing i don't like is that if you want to switch your subscription type of any hack in general,

as example from monthly to weekly you need to manually contact a staff member.


Price & performance | 10/10 Points

The price performance ratio of this hack is pretty good if you compare it too other providers you will not get any hack with such a quality for that price only if you maybe got some private access to a cheat.


Support | 10/10 Points

Staff member reply fast & are friendly nothing more to say 10 out of 10 !


Anti-cheat security | 8/10 Points

The semi-private invite system is pretty good, i like it a lot so many fishy guys cant even join.

In general hack security is quiet good i have a Dayz account with other 300hrs without a ban! But in the past year i would say there was around 2 ban waves that i noticed,

i was lucky didn't played in that time. But i wouldn't blame it because for this price & that user base its holding up pretty well.


Features | 9/10 Points

The hack features are very good the visuals are awesome rendered, they look really clean. No bugs or errors at all, the murder mode is pretty useful but i would also like to have a aim-bot for sniping, its just more satisfying 😄

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