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DayZ Hack review


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Hello everyone, we arrived at the end of the trial week, 1 week of trial to try the DayZ Hack.

The beginning, correct. The How-Tow for this hacking service is simple to understand, even if in my opinion some information is missing, e.g. "What to do in case of failure loading for the loader?" I had to go through a VPN, but after a few days no longer need VPN, you have update the loader? I don't know. I don't know.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them on the forum, the community and the staff is here.

Anyway, here I am in the game, almost dayz bug (works with the DZSA Launcher). I persist, after 5 minutes I spawn on the game, and the magic works. I hide in a bush, press ESCAP, INSERT and configure the cheat.

I like the options available, I tried a lot of configuration and for me the best configuration to avoid the ban is the following ; I decrease the distance of the PLAYERS ESP to 500, I disable the ZOMBIES ESP, VEHICLES ESP distance 1000, then in ITEMS ESP distance 50, and there you do what you want, personally I remove Vehicle parts and Tents.

The system is nice, you can adjust the effect area, shape, size, keys to focus the shot on the head or chest. Personally I don't use it to avoid problems, it's time to train your shoot you have the advantage.

A server information, it simply displays the number of players connected to the server which remains very useful!

In conclusion, default its slightly high price, $70 for 1 month, it will not stop me from buying it more expansive and as announced Day Time Control but nothing, where is the option? Positive the DayZ Hack from Hack Machine is really nice, very easy to use, I currently did not receive any BE ban! To finish it runs on CPU AMD My God. I hope I helped you.

Sorry my English is not very well, because i from Space but i train it. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards.

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When I logged into my steam account I was surprised to be permanently banned by BattlEye ! 😁

Your DayZ Hack is detected with BattlEeye.


Traduction :



At the request of the game's developers, you have been permanently banned from DayZ by BattlEye.

You can view the status of in-game bans related to your Steam account and see a list of games affected by a specific ban by visiting your ban history.

Please see our in-game ban article for more information on how to apply in-game bans.



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