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EFT Cheat review


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Player/scav ESP 7/10

      The Player esp is spot on with close range and any 2x-3x scope higher then that the skeleton doesn't match up to body {known bug} but easy to get over for now of course the cheat is a WIP. There isn't scav names but player scavs have a different color then normal AI, so it works out. boss scavs also don't have their own name ( little bit of a bummer). The esp gets what you need done though. 


Item ESP 6/10


     The item esp is a tad bit over the top with long "file like" names and no loot filer (once added this will be a way higher score) but for a Item esp it gets the job done. 


     Overall the cheat works great, no FPS issues, never had someone not show on ESP. none of my friends have ever had the wrong name over their heads or anything either. I love the cheat and am ready for more updates to come to it, will be following on with another Sub after Christmas. 


Hopefully BE doesn't catch it!

P.s. keep it simple, doesn't need any rage items I.E; speed hack, no recoil/sway, teleport or no clip. Just a filter, names, and scope compatibility. 

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