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Cheat Escape From Tarkov


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Hello, all first Thank you to all the teams who are very responsive on the discord and who are also proffésionnel, Thank you!

So I would like to take stock of this trick which is very simple to use and also nice in game, I have been active on EFT for 1 week and I am already lvl 38, I finished all the quests and sellers at MAX.


The ESP is really intuitive, no problem to see absolutely topus the players, their names, their distance. the colors are as well chosen and a little pity that I can not change them myself, but the fact of being able to differentiate a scav player from a real scav is very good.


we can not help you because it works very well and you have the power to disable it or not, to extend the distance or to restrict it. However Items have very special names related to the game and that I do not mind if you can do something? In any case nothing serious because Again, it is a real asset in the game against Bambis or FULL Stuff. When it comes to quests, it's really easy to do them, and it's even easier to use to make money!

Voila, there is just what it takes, thank you for taking the time to read this little recital, and I say it is MY opinion!

Thank you and see you soon,


PS: a video Upload to make everyone enjoy for can to those who are not confident can believe ^^.

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